Officially Leaving.

I can’t do much on this blog anymore as i’m in too many blogs and i’m leaving some to reduce the burden on me so i hope you guys don’t mind. If you still want to talk to me you can on shawnsmichaels. :) i loved every minute i was on here and it was nice meeting many people. :’(

Thank you, Kaitlyn.

Thank you, Kaitlyn.



Hey guys i think i need to do this whole post thingy because i have gotten a few messages on how i said that i won’t be on and i still am. 

  • Okay so first of all my exams start on 15th of January and end on 29th or 30th January.
  • The reason i’m on a lot nowadays even though i said i wouldn’t be is because i always try to finish my work first and get on, and since i live in Saudi Arabia, there is heck a lot of time difference and i’m on in the night here and it is afternoon there so that may be a cause of confusion.
  • All i’m saying is that after January is over i’ll be more active and will post a lot more than i do now. I just hope you guys don’t see me as lazy etc.

Thank you. - Basmah. <3 :3


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